PURE birth (English)

With the good concepts of Hypnobirting (relaxation, creating self-confidence, etc.), but down-to-earth and realistic.

The best time to start is between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. You can also start earlier or later.

The location of the course in Hoofddorp is PUUR Geboortecentrum, Kruislaan 4a in Hoofddorp.

Course content


  • Brief introduction course-members and course practitioner
  • Information about giving birth in general, different birth-phases, what does the womb do, pain relief/medication
  • Convincer exercise
  • How does the Dutch Maternity system work
  • Explanation Self-confidence-Relaxation-Comfort versus Fear-Tension-Pain circle
  • Slow breathing technique
  • Rainbow relaxation exercise
  • Information when to call the midwife/go the the hospital or birth centre, what to expect etc.
  • In which phase you do what
  • Birth companions exercise (Anchor)

12:30-13:00: Lunch


  • Positive affirmations
  • Practice different birth positions
  • Tasks of the partner during labour
  • Practice Light touch massage with the partner
  • J-pushing technique
  • Perineummassage
  • Birth preferences/BRAINS
  • Releasing limiting thoughts exercise only if nescesarry
  • Esdaille exercise
  • Balloon trip

Individual phone call appointment to answer individual questions with 37 weeks

Course dates Hoofddorp:

  • 20 May
  • 22 July
  • 16 September
  • 25 November


€ 299,-, including drinks (coffee, tea, juices), snacks and lunch.

As the course is given by a midwife, it is often (partially) reimbursed by health insurers.

For more information and/or registration, visit the website


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