Prenatal courses in English

Prenatal courses in English

Five weekly sessions, a three-hour course or an individual private class at your home? What suits you best? Looking for a childbirth class in English in your neighbourhood?

We can offer seven options (all the sessions are with your birth partner):

  • The Five-weekly: five evening prenatal classes of two hours (Monday or Tuesday) over a 5-week period and one reunion with the babies. This course is a wonderful opportunity to meet other couples in the same stage of life and continue meeting them once your babies are born.
  • The Four-weekly: four evening prenatal classes of two hours ONLINE (Thursday).
  • The Three-weekly: three evening prenatal classes of two hours (Wednesday) and a baby reunion.
  • The Three-hourly: a one-off, three-hour Childbirth Preparation session on Saturday
  • The One-weekend: two afternoon sessions of three hours in the same weekend.
  • The Individual: an intensive 2.5-hour childbirth preparation session, just for you and your birth partner in the comfort of your own home; or as a refresher course.
  • Preparing for Parenthood (in pregnancy): a 3½ hour session on a Saturday morning on how to soothe your baby and what you can expect.

The content of the prenatal courses is more or less the same. The longer the course, the more information we can share with you and the more time you have to interact with other couples.
In all courses we take the time to practise various breathing exercises together in the different stages of labour and to cover a number of back massage techniques that can be very useful during labour.

Prenatal coach Truus Gale

As a former midwife of this Birth centre Puur, I specialised in preparing international expectant couples for birth and explaining the Dutch healthcare system.


Please look at my website for calendar details (and if courses are face-2-face or online).


Please look at the different prices for the different courses on my website.

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